Monday, May 7, 2007

Pokey Reese Proves Himself

Its the beloved 2004 Boston Red Sox Team and Pokey Reese just scored an inside home run during the fifth inning. The next inning Pokey did it again when he hit a regular homer. This was only the 7th time this feat had been accomplished at fenway park.


Peter N said...

I like your blog, and your link is up. How about providing a link with each post to an original article about the day profiled? When possible. Just a thought. Thanks John, and I just emailed you AND wrote a post about RSY.

Unknown said...

I remember those HRs vividly. The inside the parker was out to right field, rolling around in the corner becuase the right fielder made a play on it, and the HR just cleared the Green Monster down the left field line. I remember saying I never thought it had happened before, but I guess I was wrong.

Peter N said...


Anonymous said...

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